When one season ends, another begins! And you know what the best thing to plant in the fall is? Fall bulbs! On the latest episode of Get Up and Grow, our President Gord Nickel teaches Hannah Lepine everything she needs to know to plant all her favourite spring flowers now, while the timing is just right. Check out our Top 5 Tips for Planting Bulbs below, and follow along for expert advice on growing your best bulbs.


Tip #1 – Space

When planting your fall bulbs, map out your garden for adequate space. Each type of bulb you grow requires a specific amount of space which can normally be found on the bulb’s packaging or description. Suppose you’re ever unsure how to space your bulbs. A general rule of thumb is to plant smaller bulbs closer together (approx. 4 inches) while planting larger bulbs further (approx. 5 inches).

Tip #2 – Naturalize

If you’re not particular on where your flowers grow, grow more of them! Naturalizing refers to “informal” or natural growth patterns. Look for bulbs that are  “great for naturalizing” and watch them multiply! These self propagating plants create sweeps of large flowers and are ideal for mass landscaping.





Tip #3 Colour Planning

There are a few tips for creating jaw-dropping displays to get an extra pop of colour in the garden. One of our favourite tips for planting bulbs is simply referring to a contrast colour chart. Adding contrasting displays will not only create a more vibrant burst of colour but will also add depth. When planting contrasting colour displays, try to layer your blooms with shorter rows in front of tall flowers for the best views!

Bonus tip: Try planting white flowers in shady areas to make it appear lighter.

Tip #4 Timing

It’s always the best time to plant fall bulbs in the fall, right? That is not always true. An essential aspect of planting fall bulbs is to plant them five to six weeks before the ground freezes, which can be different for every region. To make sure your bulbs are going to perform their best, make sure they establish their roots while the soil is still warm by monitoring the expected frost in your region and planting them before it’s too late.

Tip #5 Containers

Planting fall bulbs in a container is just as easy as it is to plant them in the ground. The great part about planting your fall bulbs in a container is that you can plant almost every type of fall bulb there is. Even better, you can layer your fall bulb arrangement in your container, giving you blossom after blossom! To start, choose a fall bulb assortment that will thrive in the environment you’re going to place them in. If you have plenty of sun, you’re in luck and you can choose just about any bulb you like. If your container will be placed in shade for most of the day, you’ll want to consider bulbs that can tolerate shade, like SnowdropsCrocusesScilliaDaffodilsor Fritillaria .

layered fall bulb container

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