Looking for a unique gift idea that has meaning on Mother’s Day? Birth Month Gardens are the newest trend for 2022! Whether you’re helping Mom in the garden or gifting her seasonal blooms that deliver fond memories, the Mom in your life will be sure to know you care with a gift that shows meaning. Whether your birth month flowers are in season or not, birth month gardens are a gift that keeps giving through out the year!

How To: Birth Month Flower Garden

To gift your Mom with a birth month garden, choose either seeds, starters, bulbs or fresh-cut flowers that match you and your siblings or family and friend’s birth months. Below are the flowers that represent each month for you to present to a Mother this year with meaning. Taking a pen and paper, write down your own unique combination of birth flowers to create your own unique birth month flower garden.


Carnation: A symbol of strength, love, devotion and protection. The carnation is one of the world’s most popular flowers. Each colour carnation has its own symbolic representation with the pink carnation being the official flower of Mother’s Day!
Snowdrops: As the first sign of spring, the snowdrop represents new beginnings and consolation. The snowdrop is gifted to those with good intentions and a pure heart.


Violet: Everlasting love, faithfulness and spiritual wisdom. Celebrated in many religions, the violet is often a gift with many spiritual meanings.
Iris: A symbol of admiration, faith, trust and valour. With over 280 species of Iris, these classic beauties have been adored in folklore tales for centuries.


Daffodil: Representing spring for its rebirth and new beginnings. With over 13,000 different varieties of daffodils, the daffodil is a present gifted to those to refresh their day!
Jonquil: Tied to Greek mythology, the Jonquil flower is often mistaken for a daffodil. When gifted to someone it is a symbol of forgiveness with hopes of returned affection.


Daisy: Gifted to those who have become new mothers. The daisy is a symbol of purity with old Celtic tales of rebirth.
Sweet Peas: Well wishes, blissful pleasure, friendship and goodbyes are the symbol of Sweet Peas. They are known for their beautifully sweet fragrance, similar to grapes.


Hawthorne: For centuries brides have used Hawthorne to place in their hair for ceremonies like weddings. They represent hope, faith and happy endings.
Lily of the Valley With many symbolic meanings, the Lily of The Valley symbolizes Happiness above all. It is said to bring joy to those gifted in bunches on May 1st.


Rose: Each rose with its own meaning, the red rose symbolizes romance and beauty. Received by those who wish to celebrate love and passion.
Honeysuckle: As a symbol of pure happiness, the Honeysuckle also signifies the loss of tenderness in love. Though its name has been given to represent the nectar extracted from it’s fragrant blooms.


Water Lily: Representing wellness and peace, the white Water Lily specifically symbolizes spirituality. Mentioned across many religions for centuries.
Larkspur: Celebrates positivity and open-hearted attachment to someone. Larkspur comes in shades of pink, white, yellow and red, each with its very own meaning when gifted.


Poppy: All colours of poppies display their own meaning. A unique orange Poppy symbolizes health and regeneration. The red Poppy is symbolized remembrance and death.
Gladiolus: The symbol of infatuation. Gladiolus are found in many colours and shapes with over 200 variations. When gifted they are a present of strong character and faithfulness.


Morning Glory: With every colour of Morning Glory, bring new meaning. For purple morning glory, the symbol of trust and respect is given to its recipient.

Aster: Placed on the altars in Greek Mythology. The Aster was named by the Greeks after the stars. A long-standing symbol for wisdom, faith and love.


Marigold: Also known as the Herb of The Sun. Marigold symbolize the power of the sun with strength and the light which is present within someone.


Cosmos: With their organized petals, the cosmos represent all that is orderly and living in harmony. Assigned “Cosmos” by the ancient Greeks.



Chrysanthemum: With thousands of varieties, the white Chrysanthemum is a symbol of longevity in love. Chrysanthemums have also been traditionally used in teas as medicine.


Peony: Given as a gift of well wishes and goodwill. The peony is a true symbol of beauty and romance. With its large unfolding petals in a variety of shapes and colours, the Peony is said to bring a wealthy amount of happiness.


Narcissus: A symbol of hope and joy since medieval times. The Narcissus got its name from a Greek mythology tale of an attractive man. The Narcissus has 13 subcategories, each with it’s own unique symbolism.

Holly: With deep religious ties, Holly represents fertility and eternal life. Given as a gift of family happiness. Great for the holiday season!

The great thing about planting a birth month garden is the variety of blooms and seasonal reminders of the ones you love. To make gifting your birth month garden extra special for mom, try writing or printing out the symbolism and history of each flower above to give with your flower gift. Not sure what months your Mom would like to grow? Give the gift of choice by sending Mom one of our E-Gift Cards. The perfect last-minute gift for any gardener!

Need more inspiration? Maybe you can impress Mom with a year with a few gardening tips and tricks by learning a thing or two from Get Up and Grow with our president, Gord Nickel. Learn How To Prune and Plant Clematis below in just minutes.

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