It is that magical time of year again for all of us plant lovers to shop Christmas cactus, poinsettias, Christmas trees, wreaths, greens, garland and more! The holiday season is taking over and we’re all in. One of everything please! Including that thing over there, whatever it is? Not sure, but it is covered in Christmas coloured wax and it seems like a good idea! Let’s do it! If a waxed amaryllis bulb has made its way into your shopping cart you will not regret it! These bulbs are one of the most popular bulbs to grow indoors during the holiday season, here’s why…

What Are Waxed Amaryllis?

With many different wax and bloom colours , the waxed amaryllis is the perfect way to enjoy large indoor blooms in the winter. By delicately dipping the amaryllis bulb in wax, moisture gets sealed into the bulb. No pot, planting or watering necessary! The base of the bulb is lifted by a wire stand holding the bulb upright for tall straight growth.

How to Grow Waxed Amaryllis

When using a large Amaryllis bulb (26-30 cm in diameter), you can expect your amaryllis to grow up to 45cm tall. Each bloom should take 4-6 weeks with 3-4 flowers per bulb. To care for your amaryllis, all you need to do is place a the bulbs upright in a well-lit, warm area, out of direct sunlight. After they have finished blooming and the bulb is depleted, simply thank the bulb for its natural beauty and discard it in the compost.

Tip: Remember to rotate your bulb so that it grows straight- like all plants your Amaryllis will grow towards sunlight.

Holiday Decor

For an added holiday look, try placing amaryllis in a vase, nestled in with pinecones and berries or potpourri. Amaryllis make perfect centerpieces or focal point features in all areas of your home. Waxed amaryllis bulbs are even great for kids to enjoy decorating with glitter and sequins. To learn more about waxed amaryllis, check out the Get Up and Grow segment below where Gord teaches Jasmine how to grow her very own.

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