With winter in full bloom, you can be sure to find holiday reminders around every corner. Of course, one of our favourite reminders that the holidays have arrived is the endless variations of Poinsettia blooms! From your home to the dentist’s office and everywhere in between. Poinsettias have made their way into the holiday hall of fame, and we’re here to share everything there is to know about them in this week’s blog, Poinsettias 101. Watch as President Gord Nickel shares a beautiful variety of Poinsettias for the holiday season.

About Poinsettias

Known for their excellent winter performance, Poinsettias are not native to snowy winters like we may think they are. Poinsettias are tropical plants that can be found in Mexico, growing up to 10 feet tall! When grown as an indoor plant, our Dark Canadian winters force Poinsettias into bloom, making them perfect indoor plants for us during the holiday season.

Belonging to the Eurphobia family, Poinsettias are relatives to a few familiar plants such as Crown of Thorns, African Milk Trees, Donkey Tail Spurge, Milkweed, Pencil Cactus, Casper Spurge and Matted Sandmat.


Though they may seem like giant flower blooms, the leaves that resemble flower petals on Poinsettias are ‘Bracts’. These bracts can change colour according to the plant’s light exposure. With over one hundred different varieties, Poinsettias can be found in various shades of pink, yellow, white, green, multi-colour or even blue or purple! Though, not all colours are natural and can sometimes be painted on.

Did you know?

Pointsettia sap can cause dermatitis on skin contact. When handling Pointsettias, it’s best always to wear gloves to prevent irritations. You might have heard that Poinsettias are highly-toxic for pets and children. Not to worry, Poinsettias are not lethal. If your pet or child has ingested parts of a Poinsettia, they may experience a mild stomachache or skin irritations.

Poinsettia Care

Ready to take home a Poinsettia of your own? Check out the latest episode of Get Up and Grow with President Gord Nickel to learn everything you need to keep your Poinsettia happy this season. Plus, check out all the cool varieties we offer in store!

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