Also known as Foxtail Lilies, Desert Candles and King’s Spears, Eremurus are strikingly unique members of the Asphodelaceae family. Originating from all over the world in Asia, China, Turkey, and Europe. They can reach up to seven feet tall in varieties of whites, pinks, yellows, and oranges. Derived from the Greek meaning “tall” and “solitary” Eremurus symbolize endurance.

Varieties of Eremurus

With over 50 different variations, there are four common types of Eremurus that can be found commercially available for growing in your home garden.

Eremurus Himalaicus – Produces white flowers, reaching up to four feet tall.

Eremurus Robustus – The tallest variety of Eremurus, producing pink or white blooms that climb up to ten feet tall.

Eremurus Stenophyllus – The shortest variety of Eremurus, producing yellow flowers that grow from 2ft to 3ft tall.

Eremurus Isabellinus – A hybrid Eremurus bred between Emerurus Olgae and Emerus Stenophyllus. Also known as “Cleopatra” with copper flowers reaching 4ft tall.

At Wildwood Outdoor Living Centre, you can find the following varieties that have become increasingly popular year after year.

Eremurus Copper Cleopatra Tops

How To Grow Eremurus

While deterring unwanted garden pests such as deer and disease, Eremurus attracts beneficial pollinators like butterflies and hummingbirds. They are easy growers that require little maintenance while creating a big impact. Plus, there’s nothing quite like them when it comes to their performance indoors as cut flowers and in containers.

When planting Eremurus, it’s important to know that these garden giants require space to grow. Placing them at the back of garden borders is a popular way to prevent overcrowding while taking advantage of their enormous height for added depth. When given the space they need, Eremurus pair beautifully with peonies, roses, allium, and iris.  To grow Eremurus at home, follow the care guide below to see if your home garden meets their growing requirements.

SUN Full to Partial Sun
ZONE Zones 5 – 8
BLOOM TIME Late spring to early summer
HEIGHT  Up to 10 feet tall
PLANTING SPACE Plenty of space, 8″ is recommended
PLANTING TIME September until Frost

 Cutting Eremurus

To get the most out of your cut Eremurus, cut them at the base of the stem on an angle and place them in warm water with sugar or plant food. As the flowers wither from the base upward, remove any dead foliage and replace the water as soon as it isn’t clear.
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