It’s 2022, and sustainable gardening is a crucial way to save your money and your plants too! In this week’s blog, we’re here to share the top five important reasons to start your own compost bin from scratch! Plus, follow along as our President Gord Nickel Shows Hannah Lepine the perfect way to start your compost bin at home!

1.) Enriches Soil

Growing your own supply of compost is the best way to retain as many nutrients as possible in soil without using chemicals and providing your plants with a rich collection of micronutrients, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen! While your scraps decay, they create good bacteria and fungi, which work to block unwanted pathogens from infecting your soil.

2.) Retains Moisture

One of the best reasons to grow your own compost is its ability to retain moisture. Though each compost is different, the ability to hold moisture is entirely up to you and what you feed your own compost. However, due high impact of nutrients and microbiomes, composts can retain water for longer, which will also help your plants to establish good healthy roots!

3.) Prevents Disease

Though you can’t expect to add compost to a dying plant to save it immediately, you can expect to prevent a vast amount of disease when growing from compost. The build-up of microbiomes creates a more significant amount of microbes which work together to fight pathogens—reducing unwanted diseases from infecting your plants so that they can grow big and strong!

4.) Reduces Waste

As you’ll learn from Gord, compost bins are great for putting waste to good use. Like food scraps that are returned to the earth after decomposing, yard waste can also feed your compost. Think of all the space you’re saving by breaking down matter and returning it to the planet instead of taking up space in landfills.

5.) Reduces Costs

Why buy the cow if the milk is free? Not only have you got the most out of your money when you put your scraps to good use, but when you compost, you’re cutting down on annual gardening supplies. Think of the money you’ll save on soil, fertilizer and even water year after year! 


How To Start A Compost Bin

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