January is coming to an end and you know what that means? Spring is just around the corner! Well, almost. We still have a little ways to go, but until then let’s do what we can to pass the time. In this article, you’ll find a few ways to keep you busy and your garden at its very best, no matter what zone you live in.


Depending on where you live, you might have a whole lot or a whole lot less to do in the winter months. That’s perfectly okay! Even if you are over your head in snowdrifts, nothing is stopping you from planning out your perfect garden from the comfort of your own home. Plus, with the power of online ordering, there’s no time like down time to scoop up all of your favourite seeds and bulbs to make the garden of your dreams a reality this year.

 Live Christmas trees should be planted as soon as possible.

 For winter colour, plant viburnum “Pink Dawn”, Chinese Witch Hazel, Christmas Rose, Winter Heather, Jasmine, and Sarcacoca.

 If the ground isn’t frozen there is still time to plant narcissus, tulips and hyacinth for spring colour.

 Mulch your sensitive plants with bark or peat moss and use burlap to prevent softer trees from windburn. Water plants under the eaves to prevent drying out.

 Come in and get your seeds and start to plan for spring.


As February approaches we’re growing closer and closer to spring. Snowdrops peek their way up through the ground with crocuses to follow and soon after, daffodils! It’s almost our time to shine in the garden and we can’t wait to get started!!! Before we jump into spring, February is the last chance we get to tie up all our loose ends so that we don’t waste any time in the spring. Here are a few items to check off your to-do list this February.

 Look for Aubrieta, Arabis, Hardy Primulas to start arriving.

 Look for potted spring bulbs to brighten your home.

 Time to start pruning – make sure all equipment is clean, sharp and disinfected.

 Plant small fruits and fruit trees now, use bone meal fertilizer.

 Start broad beans, chives, onions for early crops. Purchase your flower and vegetable seeds early for the best selection and keep them in the fridge until ready to plant.

 Cut back deciduous ornamental grasses before new spring growth starts.

 Spray roses with Sulphur before bud break to help combat black spots and mildew.

 Start vegetable seeds indoors.

 Take care of your bird friends by hanging a bird feeder with high energy suet.

 Order your favourite seeds or try planting something new!

 Check stored bulbs for mold and moisture levels. Re-wrap and relocate as needed.

 Prune dormant fruit trees.

 Start indoor lettuce.

If your winter weather has a cold hold on what you can accomplish, try starting some of your seeds with a heat mat. A heat mat is a great way to activate germination by encouraging root grow by providing your seeds with the warmth they need to growth healthy and strong!

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