To extend the growing season, now is the best time to start planting your fall and winter veggies and even get some cover crops going. To get started, check out our mid-August seed sowing list, complete with handy tips and insights in this weeks blog Top 5 Mid-August Seeds to Sow!

Mid-August Planting All Over Canada

If you’re looking to sow seeds in late summer, there are loads of great options that will thrive. In places like Lower Mainland BC and nearby areas, the first frost usually hits around November 2nd. But If you’re into gardening in a different area, just do a quick Google search with “first frost date” and the name of your town. You’ll find all the info you need to plan out your garden accordingly.

1.) Radishes

Radishes are all about that cool soil vibe, and the best part is they grow super fast when you plant them in the fall. Keep things exciting by planting short rows every couple of weeks so you can enjoy a non-stop supply of these tasty veggies.

2.) Pac choi

Check out pac choi, the cool-weather champ! It’s a must-have for your fall garden. This veggie slows down its growth as autumn rolls in, which means you can easily snatch it at its best before it bolts. Harvesting made simple! You should totally give it a try and mix things up with your meals. Growing these veggies in containers or garden beds is super easy, plus they’re packed with both speed and nutrition. With different sizes and flavors to choose from, pac choi will bring endless culinary excitement to your kitchen.

3.) Carrots

Prepare yourself to be head over heels for carrots! These vibrant orange wonders are absolutely incredible. And guess what? You still have a whopping 75+ days to relish them this season. So, why not sow some seeds within the next couple of weeks? That way, you’ll be all set for an abundant autumn harvest. Don’t forget to keep the seed bed nice and damp until the seeds start sprouting, especially when it’s scorching hot and goes above 25°C (77°F). Gotta give those little seeds the best chance to grow!

4.) Kale

Kale is seriously amazing! If you plant it in mid-August, you’ll have a bountiful harvest all winter long. And if you’re obsessed with its goodness from having it all summer, why not try planting it in winter too? This leafy green is not just any ordinary vegetable – it’s packed with more vitamins and nutrients than you can imagine. If you’re looking to level up your health game, kale is here to save the day!

5.) Mustard

You’ve got to check out the amazing Mustard family! From fancy Mizuna to the impressive Giant Red, these leafy greens bring a whole lot of variety to your salad game. These mustard greens are pretty chill. They actually love the cool soil and thrive in it. If you’re into arugula and corn salad, you should totally plant some mustard greens now. They’ll hang out with you through fall and winter, making your salads extra delightful.

6.) Arugula

And one for good-luck! Arugula is a fan of cool weather and soil. When the nights start getting chilly, around 15°C (60°F) or lower, it’s the perfect time to plant these awesome arugula seeds. Just keep an eye on the weather forecast before you get started! Don’t go crazy and plant all of them at once. Here’s the master plan: plant a small row every two weeks until around the third week in September.

Well look at that, it’s the middle of August and you’re all set with a whole new gardening adventure. Don’t forget to shop our huge selection of seeds online and in-store. Plus! If you order in time, you’ll get 20% off a whole lot of seeds before the end of the season.

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