It’s officially summer, so it’s time to sit back and enjoy your hard work! Or is it? If you’re like us and enjoy every minute you can get gardening, then we’re here to help keep you busy (and your garden at its best). Check out our handy list of to-do’s for the month of July below, to take advantage of the beautiful Canadian summer we’re having this year!

Lawn & Pond

Fertilize waterlilies.
Watch for pests on water plants, like water lily aphids, beetles and snails.
Prune overgrown plants.
Apply a second application of long-lasting, slow release Get Up & Grow 28-7-14 fertilizer to your lawn.
If you have hot weather, be sure to water your lawn thoroughly and raise the blade on your lawn mower for a higher cut.
Save grass clippings for mulch to help keep your lawn cool, while feeding it nutrients.
Stop fertilizing mid-summer.
Clean the filters in your pond features and add aeration to ponds during hot temperature to keep your fish alive!


Apply all-purpose fertilizer to long-blooming perennials.
After summer-bearing raspberries finish, cut down the canes that bore fruit.
Lift garlic and shallots as soon as most of the tops have died down.
After harvesting crops of vegetables, second and third plantings can be made, use late varieties of leafy greens, cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.
Stake larger growing perennials to prevent rain and wind damage.
There’s still time to plant annuals for lots of colour.
Cut back delphiniums and other tall perennials as they finish blooming.
Prune flowering shrubs as the flowers finish blooming.
Prune annual herbs to promote a second harvest
Remove garlic scapes, and use them for cooking! This will also encourage bulb growth.
Harvest berries before the birds and the squirrels get to them!

Miscellaneous & More!

Add more mulch to areas most effected by the sun or hot temperatures.
Remember to change bird feeders often and especially before getaways.
Pull weeds before they bloom!
Watch for Japanese Beetles, Aphids and other pests! Purchase ladybugs as needed.
Pre-order fall bulbs, to ensure your garden plans are executed when it comes to planting.
Provide a clean water source for your pollinators!
Place houseplants in the shade outside, if it’s too hot inside. Water more frequently.
Feed houseplants with All Purpose Plant Food 20-20-20 before they go dormant for the winter.

Seeds To Sow Now

South Central, BC ArugulaBeansBeetsBroccoliBrusselsCabbageCarrotsCeleryEggplantEndive/RadicchioKaleLettuceMelonsOnionsPac ChoiPeasPeppersRutabagaSwiss ChardTurnips
Coastal, BC ArugulaBeansBroccoliBeetsCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerCeleryCressEndive/RadicchioKaleKohlrabiLeeksLettuceMelonsMustardOnionsPac ChoiPeasParsnipsRhubarbRutabagaSpinachSwiss Chard.
Canadian Prairies ArugulaBeansBeetsBroccoliBrusselsCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerEggplantFennelKaleKohlrabiLettuceMelonsOnionsPac ChoiPeasPeppersRutabagaSwiss ChardTomatoes, Turnips.
Southern Ontario ArugulaBeansBeetsBroccoliBrusselsCabbageCarrotsCauliflowerEndive/RadicchioFennelKohlrabiLeeksLettuceMelonsMesclunMustardOnionsPac ChoiParsnipsPeasPeppersPurslaneRadishRhubarbSwiss ChardTurnips.
Central Ontario ArugulaBeansBeetsBroccoliBrusselsCabbage,  CarrotsCauliflowerEndive/RadicchioKaleKohlrabiLeeksLettuce,  MelonsMustardOnionsPac ChoiParsnipsPeasPeppersPurslaneRadishRhubarbRutabagaSwiss Chard, Turnips,
Prairies ArugulaBeansBeetsBroccoliBrusselsCabbage,  CarrotsCauliflowerEggplantFennelKaleKohlrabiLettuceMelonsOnionsPac ChoiPeasPeppers, Quinoa, RutabagaSwiss ChardTomatoesTurnips

For more help with your July gardening, check out ‘How to Turn Your Common Shrubs Into Unique Trees’ on Get Up and Grow with our President Gord Nickel on Chek News below!

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