With the approach of September comes all things cool and cozy. That could mean growing your cool crops for soups, stews and more in the garden! Though fall isn’t here quite yet, there is still plenty to do in the garden to prepare for an entirely new season. If you’re looking to plan a fall garden this year, be sure to check off a few end-of-season to-do’s before you dive right in.

Lawn & Pond

Net ponds to prevent the accumulation of falling leaves.

There’s still time to feed your fish before they go into a semi-dormant state during winter. Be sure to provide them with nutrient-rich food like premium staple fish food by Aquascapes.

Continue adding beneficial bacteria on a weekly basis.
Sow new lawns when the day temperatures aren’t so hot. Feed soil with turf starter beforehand.
Keep cutting and watering at least one inch per week.
Maintain a clean lawn clear of toys, leaves and tools to ensure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs to survive the winter.


Plant annual flowers like begonia, zinnias, ageratum, celosia, snapdragons, pansies, dianthus, sweet alyssum, petunias, nasturtium, calendula, chrysanthemum & more!
Check for fresh veggie and herb starters now as they start to arrive!
Plant spring-flower bulbs! Pre-orders are now available.
Bring houseplants indoors and inspect them for bugs!
Fall is an excellent time for planting shrubs and trees.
While cleaning up your flowerbeds, keep intact blooms for dried flowers or cut your flowers and hang them!
The best selection of spring flowering bulbs are available for pre-order now!
Continue planting new perennials into the early fall to establish young plants before the winter.
Lift onions, dry and store.
Stop watering late-storing potatoes.

Miscellaneous  & More

  Improve your soil! After tidying up dead leaves and debris, spread compost or manure over your garden bed for a healthy new growing season.
Plant fall rye in the harvested areas of your garden for value green manure.
Turnover compost for the last time of the year.
Harvest seeds or propagate plants you want more of.
Check for Japanese Knotweed and treat as needed.
Weed garden beds to prepare them for winter months.

Directly sow leafy greenspeasbeansonions and broccoli in some regions.

Need more to do in your garden this September? Check out the latest episode of Get Up and Grow, with President Gord Nickel to learn everything there is to plant the perfect trees to add privacy to your yard below.
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