With the arrival of spring, it is time to get your garden ready for the new season. March is a great month to started on some of your favourite gardening activities! Plus, don’t forget it’s the best time of year to get everything you need while shelves are fully-stocked. In this weeks blog, we’re here to share everything you can do this March, so that you can grow your best garden yet this Spring!

March Checklist

Still have snow on the ground? That’s no problem at all! With March comes a lot of preparation for a whole new season ahead. Whether you’re cooped up indoors or just about ready to dig in the dirt, we’re here to make sure you cross off everything there is to do this month with our handy check-list below.

 Feed houseplants with garden prod Palm & Tropical Fertilizer, 9-3-3 and repot houseplants for optimal growth.
  Plan out your garden to make sure the growing conditions for all your plants are met. Consider growing vertical gardens for extra space and privacy!
 Try building raised beds in your vegetable garden this year, drainage is much improved and the soil temperature is 8-13F or higher.
 Build up your soil with bone meal, manure, or with your own garden compost.
 Feed established outdoor plants with Nurseryland All purpose 20-20-20 plant food.
 If and when your grass is dry, mow at a high setting.
 Prune mophead hydrangeas by cutting off last years flowering stems.
 Arrange plant support when the ground becomes warm enough.
 Watch for arrival of fresh and new nursery stock. We’re starting to get more and more each day!
 Check for drainage! Walk your lawn to see where water has collected and make repairs as needed.
 Do a clean-up rose pruning now.
 Start Tuberous Begonias inside now, transport outdoors when the soil is workable.
 Try installing a rain-water system, to save money on watering this year!
 Try planting popular varieties of Spring Bulbs LiliesDahliasAnemonesCannaCallaRanunculusBegoniasAnemone & More!
 Prune trees and shrubs, from any winter damage. Repair broken branches with clean cuts to prevent mites.
 Try using recycled plastic for sowing seeds, like yogurt cups!

Sowing In March

March is the perfect time to sow seeds for your garden. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gardener, sowing seeds in March can help you get a head start on the growing season. There are many benefits to sowing seeds in this month, including taking advantage of the early spring weather conditions and avoiding pests and diseases. Additionally, March is a great time to test out new varieties of plants and experiment with different planting techniques. Check out our handy list of seeds that are ready for sowing this Spring!

South Coastal, BC BroccoliSageMintCabbageRosemarySweet PeaTomatoViola
Interior, BC PepperOnionTomatoArtichokePeaBroadBeanOregano, Marjoram, DianthusAgastache
Canadian Prairies LeekOnionPepperArtichokePeaOreganoThymeLemongrassDigitalisLavender
Southern Ontario AsparagusArugulaPeaSesameLettuceParsleyCatnipMintBergamotDigitalis
Southern Quebec LavenderRosemarySageMintNigellaViolaSweet PeaClaytoniaOnionPepper
Maritimes ThymeOreganoCatnipAlyssumDigitalisSweet PeaLeekOnionBroad BeanArtichoke
Northern Canadian Regions ArtichokeLeekOnionOreganoRosemaryMintSageDigitalisViolaColumbine
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